Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Did I Really Just Hear That?...

Layton. Ya'll, this child makes me laugh all the time.

Some of the lovely things that have come out of his mouth lately:

-Bong hit - Thank you dear journalist who brought up this lovely gem about Michael Phelps. Layton has been asking, "What is a bong hit?" At some point, I will have to explain this one. Today just isn't that day, my friends.

-State farm agent - "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there with 100 Legos." Layton, thanks, I appreciate the fact that you want me to switch to State Farm, but the agents really don't materialize in the den the same way they do on TV.

-How do they get the baby out of your stomach? With a laser cutter, of course. - No, I did not try to explain to him that lasers are not regularly involved in childbirth. We left that one at "very carefully." He's not quite old enough for that talk.

-"This is the best day ever." My reply was, "How can this be the best day ever? You just threw up at Olive Garden." Layton said, "But I don't have to go with you to Costco now."

He hits me with the cuteness way too often.