Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm at a Payphone...Again...

The payphone scavenger hunt A-Ro style scored a big win this week. A facebook friend messaged me to let me know that he has seen a phone in our hometown. Thanks Lanier!!! Like I could pass up the chance to take the littles. Hadley wasn't awake yet when we went, so just the littles had the opportunity to call me from a payphone.

Ella was classically not impressed. Yeah right. I think she was just acting like this wasn't an awesome idea.

We put the quarters in, and Ella dialed my cell phone. She knows the number by heart. Layton picked up the earpiece which is a lovely shade of yellow. Why? I have no idea. I took the call, and he was supremely pleased that he was talking to me!

I made a note of the number. I mean, honestly, when was the last time I got a phone call from a payphone?

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Big win. I even turned on my best college football announcer voice and said, "the offense was able to capitalize on a big play."