Friday, August 17, 2012

Layton...Vacationing in the Sand...

Layton loves playing in the sand. He loves to be buried in it and to fight his way out of the pit. True, he is adorable.


His hair is finally starting to get a bit longer. I took him for a trim a while back. It was over a month ago. I asked for the girl to trim it, and he got scalped. He cried right there in the salon and said he missed his curls. He picked a few up off the floor and put them in his pocket. For realz. He said, "I look like a complete stranger without my curls." So, I'm letting him grow it out as long as he wants. Goodness, he looks red in this picture, but he didn't burn. He was just hot.


He swam and swam and played in the surf. He also spent a good bit of time playing with his boogie board. He enjoyed this trip to the beach more than any other we have taken. At least, he seemed to be more at ease with the beach than ever before.

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He's a great little vacation buddy.