Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random Thoughts and Observations...

-Sweet Marky Mark. The hubs has been recording the Olympics on the Tivo in the bedroom. I am devastated when I realize the little red light does not mean that I am recording something that I love to watch. I didn't even know that BMX was an Olympic sport. I am glad the Olympics are over now. I watched part of the closing ceremony. I'll go ahead and fess up to the fact that I had downed two glasses of wine, but still, that was one trippy show. And why was everyone on a moving vehicle? It was swirly-twirly gum drops cray cray.

-Speaking of Mark....Marky Mark is crazy muscled. I would be really intimidated to see him in person. Mostly because his biceps are so big that he would probably break my hand shaking it.

-Wedding rings. I'm not sure I understand all the hooplah. If a celebrity is photographed without his/her wedding band on, the tabloids immediately jump to "Marriage on the Rocks!" I'm not sure I even remember the last time J wore his wedding band. Maybe 2009? And even then only for some occasion? I certainly do not wear mine 100% of the time either. I run errands without wearing my rings on a regular basis. With or without those rings on my finger, I am still J's wife. Or maybe we're just a progressive couple that doesn't require jewelry be worn 100% of the time. Where do you all stand on wedding bling?

-I totally love Big Tiny. Their sweet voices get me every time.

-Not surprisingly I am the only person wearing jeans on the beach. For some reason all of these people have no problem letting it all hang out. I prefer to keep my business covered up. There are some things that just cannot be body in a swimsuit is one of those things. It's really more of a public service to keep myself covered. I should get a medal for protecting the eyes of small children. I am nothing if not philanthropic.

-I officially despise apple and all of the iphone worship. Hadley's phone crashed. Thanks to apple there is no handy-dandy reset button or easy way to restore the dang thing. Between Hadley, J, and me, we have spent far too much time trying to get the crap back to where it was. After this she might be tempted to go with a droid instead of holding out for the latest, greatest iphone release.

-If I could do absolutely anything, I would be a student. I would love to spend my days learning and listening. Too bad that's not a profession, and I can't get paid to audit college classes. Does anyone want to sponsor my quest to become a professional student?

-Clearly, this post was drafted off and on over the course of a week. I really should make an effort to sit down and finish blog posts in a timely manner.

-By the way, I'm no impressed.