Friday, August 31, 2012

Random Thoughts and Observations...

-I went to the Pep Rally at Hadley's school. It was olfactory time tripping. The place smells exactly like it did the first time I walked inside more than two decades ago. It's amazing how a smell can trigger your memory; I was instantly transported to a time when I was flat chested and socially awkward. Oh wait, that wasn't just a memory; I still am flat chested and socially awkward. Ha!

-Layton wants to be Michael Jackson for Halloween. He said that we would have to paint him black then white. I'm a little concerned that Layton thinks it's okay to do full on Thriller black face. He clearly did not get the memo about being PC.

-I am moderately to severely annoyed with a project I have been working on. Actually, that's not true. I am moderately to severely annoyed with the people I have been working with on a project. I will never agree to do anything again if either of these two individuals are involved. No, it's not a work related project; it's something I agreed to out of generosity. Aaaannndd, hate myself for committing to it now that it has turned into such a mess. It's not even a mess. It's a disaster.

-Sometimes I think it would be nice to get sick. Not like dying sick. But just sick enough to require a day or two of alone time in the bed. I get so wrapped up in getting the children to 95,000 places, helping with homework when I can, cooking dinner, washing clothes, squeezing in work, etc. that I just need an entire day of lazy to get over it. A vacation from being in charge of everything. Do any of you moms ever think it would be nice to have a sick day? Or have I completely lost it?

-Is it wrong to eat lunch at 9:30 because I failed to eat breakfast and am starving?

-Mr. Holland's Opus makes me cry. I'm being completely honest here folks. The scene where Iris starts screaming about wanting to be able to talk to her child. Yeah, I bawl like a baby every time. It was on TV when I went home for lunch one day this past week. I had puffy eyes when I returned to work. No one said anything about my appearance, so maybe no one noticed.

-I almost rear-ended a car on purpose. True story. She pulled in the school lot beside the football field and stopped. I was right behind her, and she didn't pull in far enough for the back of my car to be out of the road. Girlfriend just sat there. After a few minutes, I honked my horn. I knew that if I didn't honk and get her to move I would either A) be involved in an accident because the back half of Volv-Ro was out in the road. or B) catch road rage and gun it right into the back of her Jeep. Seriously, who does this? If you are familiar with the parking area right there by the gym and football field, you know exactly what I am talking about because you have probably fallen victim to the "idiot who pulls in and then stops and her kid is so slow getting out of the car that you could have knit an entire doily for your dining table all while no one else can get into the stinking parking lot and traffic is backed up 1/4 mile on Forrest Street and it's raining."

-I deserve an award for that last run on sentence. It was the Gold Medal of grammar offenses.