Monday, August 27, 2012

Random Thoughts, Observations, and Me Falling Down the Stairs...

- Kenny Shamrock. Really? You thought she was a man? Outside a Coach store? My hubs would probably ask if I were taking up some kind of carriage for hire business if I told him we were going to the Coach store, so I guess maybe Kenny didn't realize that it's basically purse-whore heaven. I probably shouldn't admit that I laughed out loud when I read that "news" item last week.

-I just saw a vagisil commercial that made me cringe. Some one needs to have a serious talk with whatever crackpot decided to let that commercial see the light of day. It was kind of graphic. Ewww.

-Stairwell 1, A-Ro 0. Klassy. I don't think I broke any bones. The only thing hurt is the tiny crumb of dignity I still possess. What am I talking about? I don't have any dignity left. Considering I was in a concrete stairwell in a parking garage, it's a miracle I didn't hurt myself. My impressive tumble was witnessed by far too many people for comfort. I kept it together and waited until I got in the car to cry. I cried mostly because I was embarrassed and only slightly because I had just managed to surf down half a story of stairs on my rear.

-Cobbler. Not the food. The shoemaker. Greatest word I've been able to use twice this week. I also particularly enjoyed my chat with the cobbler. He is a lovely man. Should you need some cobbling, I can tell you exactly where to go. The catch is that you must use the word cobbler three - four times in our conversation about it. I will be counting. :)

-Why is there a question about penile prosthesis on my MRI paperwork? The only thing that needs addressing is the fact that I want the warm blanket to keep me cozy in the Arctic room where the MRI is performed. Forget penile implants.

-One of these days I am actually going to look into getting some Prozac. Who wants to place a bet that my random thoughts and observations that week will be off the charts cray cray?

-Ella and I went to Publix over the weekend to buy our groceries for the week. I can't handle the grocery store more than once a week. We ran into roughly 30 people we knew. It was insane! We're talking...I ran into a woman I hadn't seen in probably 14 years, clients, friends, mothers of friends, coworkers, the whole nine yards. Saturday must be THE day to do your shopping here.