Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Blog Star...Groovy, Baby...

Hola Readers! Today is the first Tuesday of the month, and I am linking up with Mrs. Monologues. I am declaring myself a Blog Star. This may not be true, but just roll with it anyway. :)

Today was a rough morning. The codependents had a nice, long three day weekend, and we were not ready for the early morning alarm and getting ready for school ritual. Confession: I doped Hadley with benadryl last night hoping she would go to sleep earlier than later. If I hadn't, she would have stayed up until 3:00 AM like she did the night before. We are night owls at the enabling household. I failed to roofie  medicate Ella, so she stayed up with Layton until who knows when. I put them in their rooms and beds before I forced myself to sleep around 11:30 PM, but they had both come into the den and crashed on the sofa at some point in time during the night. Parent of the year award - Right Here. Confetti in the air. My smiling family.

It's looking like another busy week. Meetings, soccer games, football games, etc. We are going to have to eat Pop Tarts in the car as a substitute for dinner a few times this week. I am also taking up doping - Lance Armstrong Style - to deal with the fact that I have so much going on. When I start growing a beard, shoot me a text, so I will know to take care of that. Also, I was hoping that no one would mention that tidbit of information to the authorities; I certainly cannot cover 15 trips to various ball fields, homework, laundry, and stalking photographing my children from a jail cell. Work with me people. Work with me.

Have a wonderful day and an even better evening!! Short work week!! Woohoo!!