Thursday, September 06, 2012

Cooking with Ella...

Ella came to get me. She pulled my camera from its bag and told me that it was time to take her picture. I asked why. She told me that she was about to make a cake start to finish all by herself. Well, who could pass up that photo op?

She had decided to make a white cake, so she had to separate the whites from the yolks. It was beyond adorable.

She did have to have a little bit of help, but for the most part she did it on her own. I can only imagine what this child will make and do in the future.

I love the fact that she adores to cook and bake. I just wish I had more ways and time to encourage her and teach her. We have to rely on fast and easy meals a lot during the school year because of after school activities and tax season. Holidays and certain days in the Summer are the only times I can really get down and dirty and let her make a full out feast.

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Oh goodness. This child captivates my heart and soul. Her imagination when it comes to food is unstoppable and delicious. I just hope that she continues to feel such a passion for food.