Sunday, September 09, 2012

Do You Want Some Cheese with That Wine?...

I'm probably having a glass of wine right about now. It's my Sunday thing. We have a family dinner, and wine is consumed.

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Good stuff. I love wine. It's almost time to drink red instead of white. As the months turn colder, I go darker with my wine choices. I don't drink tons of red wine to be honest though. I tend to flush. My neck and face will turn splotchy and red. Not all red wines will make me flush, so I try to avoid the ones that I know make me splotchy and uncomfortable. Merlot is the number one culprit, and it's also J's favorite red to drink. I prefer a Sangiovese or Cabernet or a nice Blush.
Friends, please eat, drink, and be merry this evening!
Keep on keeping on!