Monday, September 03, 2012

Friday Night Lights...Or Thursday...

Hadley had her first performance with the dance twirl team last Thursday. They stood on the sideline and looked adorable. I was, of course, a nervous wreck the entire time. I was hoping that I could get some good pictures, but it was a night game. You really can't get as close as you would like for pictures. Let me rephrase that. I couldn't get as close as I wanted to for my paparazzi techniques. I had out the zoom lens and everything. I must have looked ridiculous. :)

The did their dance at half-time and followed it up with the fight song. I was a proud mama. It just doesn't seem possible that my little girl is big enough for pictures like these. Time goes by so fast; it seems like only a year or two have passed since the last time I posed like this. I have so many fond memories of performances with my majorette family.