Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hi!...It's Me...

Hello, dear digital friends. You are so kind to me. You come here and you read my drivel. You comment on my A-dorable codependents. You laugh with me when I decide it's a good idea to look for a payphone. You cry with me when I decide to write nakedly. You make me feel loved and special, and that dear friends is more important to me than you know. You even tolerate the many, many pictures with no words.

Like this.

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But this post isn't about any of that. This post is about what I can do for you. You all do so much for me.  Tell me what I can do for you. Do you have questions? Do you have a blog and want to write a guest post for me? Do you want to challenge me to a contest? Is there a bizarre topic you'd like to read about? Do you want to meet in real life? You ask. You command. I'll enable.

P.S. I'll probably take pictures of it and smear it on the internet too. Whatever it may be. Full disclosure.