Friday, September 07, 2012

I'm Just Going to Go Ahead and Say It...

-The week is almost over. Yea! I can already feel myself luxuriating in my covers on Saturday morning.   I have quite a few things I'd like to accomplish this weekend. I probably won't get anything crossed off the good ole list, but I am going to make a serious effort. I need to rid my house of some clutter. I cleaned out my closet, and the rest of the closets are waiting on me. J and I briefly discussed the possibility of having a garage sale, but we both agreed that we would rather donate all of our gently used items to charity instead. It's so much easier, and it gives me the warm fuzzies. The Goodwill Store might need to make room for all the goodies I'm bringing by!

-I do have the ingredients for pancakes. This Saturday will not be met with Ella tears because of pancakes or a lack thereof.

-I would cut you for some peanut M&Ms right now. Like for real. Don't come any closer unless you have a sackful of peanut goodness you can throw at me to tame me. I'm like a pit bull who hasn't eaten in 8 days when it comes to a chocolate craving.

-Let's just take a moment to remember the haircut I got five months ago. I looked so clean and kept for about 18 minutes. I have begun to look like a scary banshee again. It's not altogether a bad thing though. I did get a free soda one day when the convenience store clerk thought I was there to rob her instead of paying for my gas. I'm wondering if I can parlay my homeless thief look into a free pair of shoes as well.

-The upcoming presidential election makes for good fodder on facebook and twitter all day every day. There are serious posts, amusing pictures, religious references, name calling, side taking, and lots of condescending words. Allow me to be condescending for a moment. It is difficult for me to read a serious facebook update without laughing when the post is littered with grammatical errors and wrong word usage. I know that I am the queen of twisting and breaking the rules of sentence structure, but I can assure you that I would not write a serious, political post without intense proofreading. I would also triple check the use of the words to and too. Ella is in 4th grade and knows the difference; I am not inspired by an adult's post that modifies instead of links and vice versa. If you want to change my mind about my beliefs, at least have the courtesy to use the correct words. Was that elitist enough?

-I'm not feeling well today. I think one of the germ disseminators kids has given me a little touch  of something. Then again, I might just be a little bit hungover.

-How many pictures of my children playing soccer will cause you to never check the blog again? I need to keep it under that threshold, but I literally took 1,000 pictures at their games this week. I also took far too many pictures of Hadley in her sequins at the football game. How do I even begin to pick only a few to post on the blog?

-Keep on keeping on, my friends! We've survived another week!