Friday, September 21, 2012

Woohoo!!!...We Did It!!!...

-Pat yourself on the back friends! We survived another week! It's time to cut loose and party down! In my case I will just be sitting around doing nothing. Except laundry. Ironing. Dishes. Cleaning. The usual. BUT I can sleep late. Word!

-I am on the verge of coming unglued though. I cannot find my charger for my work laptop. I had two. One stays at work plugged into my docking station. The other one I carried around with me this week when I worked from home. I cannot figure out where I put it!!! Panic time, people. Shhh. Don't tell my boss. I have no doubt that I will step on 3 o'clock in the the dark...and then fall and break something. Have you met me? You know that is how it will go down.

-Ella is very excited today. We are picking up her new glasses. I have no doubt that I will wind up posting 45 pictures of her next week just to show off her new frames. They are not exactly what I would pick, but these were more durable for sports. Ella loves the color. Just wait.

-I am loving The Voice. I don't even watch a ton of reality or competition style TV, but I will watch Adam and Blake all week long. I would straight up leave J for Adam or Blake, and I think J would be okay with it. He would probably leave me for Adam or Blake. HA!

-Speaking of reality TV...This Teen Mom show??? I have never watched it, but I see the stars faces on the Internet on regular basis for drugs, arrests, etc. Do any of you watch it? It seems a bit negative to me, but like I said I have never seen a single episode. Insight??

-There is all this crazy text that comes with emails from the hubs when he is at work. I'm sure it serves a purpose, but I am too slow to pick up on it. Following his name are a series of letters with "/DTD." When I spell check my replies, my fancy software asks to change it to STD every single time.

-Seriously though, people!! It's the weekend!!!!