Thursday, October 04, 2012

Entertain Me, Caesar...

The world's largest toga party wouldn't be a party without entertainment. Enter the stage guys....

This stage was awesome! It is by far the biggest and best stage we've ever had in downtown Athens. I've got to take just a moment to brag on the guys who brought it and set it up. They were great. I'm not entirely sure who they are, and I wish I had gotten their addresses. They helped me set up tables and chairs and handled taking care of the food in the musician area. Not to mention...these poor guys were here all stinking day. I arrived downtown at 5:30 AM to start with vendor setup. A little before six, I made it to the opposite side of the square from where I parked to continue my work. Lo and behold. The stage crew was parked on that side of the square waiting to setup. These guys don't live here, so I'm guessing they all got out of bed at an unseemly hour to drive to Athens and be here by 6:00 AM. They stayed until the very end. Not only did they stay, they also helped me move all the chairs and tables back to where they needed to be for the rental company to pick them up. I was tired and unbelievably grateful for the help these guys gave me. I got home shortly after 11:00 PM, so I can only imagine how late they were getting home since the stage was still being disassembled when I left. 

The Charles and Grant Show rocked as usual. I am particularly fond of their Michael Jackson cover. 

A massive generator powered our entertainment area. 

The headlining group was The Park Band.  I apologize for the picture quality. Believe it or not, Ella took this one. 

These guys played some good music and were so very polite and kind when they were in the green room. I hope this band can come play Athens again soon. They were really good. Face melted.