Saturday, October 06, 2012


Hadley did a super job at her school's homecoming football game this year. She smiled and danced and twirled. I was a proud mama. :)


The dance twirl team uses pom poms on the sidelines during the game in addition to their batons. The poms are definitely a crowd pleaser. Just look at this girl! Have you ever seen Hadley look so grown up and dolled up? She even did her own makeup for a change. She doesn't wear makeup except for dance twirl. She has told me time and time again that she has no need for makeup, and that she is beautiful just as she is. Say what you want about my parenting skills, but clearly I did something right with this one because she feels beautiful all the time.

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The team won the game, and we were all so happy leaving the game! Well, we were happy until Mama Kaye broke her hip. That ended the celebration rather quickly, but she had surgery the next day. Pins are in place. She is home from the hospital and recovering well. I'm thinking of sending Hadley out to their house with her pom poms to cheer on Mama Kaye.