Monday, October 01, 2012

Let's Just Put It out There...

-I am up to my eye balls in things to be done. I just can't seem to get things checked off my list before adding more things to it. I've been busy during the days and afternoons and haven't felt like getting all my housework done in the evening as a result. Laundry is overflowing. Floors are dirty. Furniture is dusty. I need to floss more. I am just out of control. Even my appearance is more out of control than usual. Hard to imagine....since I look a mess all the time anyway.

-My legs are sore. Ridiculously sore. Apparently, I should have stretched before climbing the bleachers at the high school stadium 16 times last Saturday at the marching band competition. This is also known as Old Lady Syndrome. The soreness has been doubled by the amount of running around I did at the Grease Festival. Watch out for pictures from that, by the way. I took a ton.

-It is fourteen degrees below zero in my office. Ok, maybe not really, but oh...emmm....gee. I am cold. I dressed warm today too. Who am I kidding? It's freezing in here every day.

-What's up with all the horizontal stripes? There are a few websites I check often to see what new arrivals have been posted. Um, Blue Door, Red Dress, Sosie. There are a lot of horizontal stripes this year. Not a good look for me. I don't need anything that will make me look any more broad than I am. Seriously people, I have a helipad for an ass. Keep the stripes.

-Also, I burned my lip last weekend. I was attempting to blow on Layton's hash brown to cool it off and instead touched it to my lip. It's gross. I'm trying to conceal it with lipstick, but for real people, it almost looks like I've caught the herp. If you're wondering why I'm wearing red lipstick and no other makeup, it's to cover the blotch of skin missing from my lip. Eww.

-Truth. Sometimes I buy my shoes in the kids department.

-The Gosselins. Those two adults really are like herpes. They just won't go away. Every single time I think they are out of the public eye, another story hits the news. For some idiotic reason, I follow a news feed thing on twitter. The feed alerted me to the allegation that Kate Gosselin used a wooden spoon to "abuse" her 64 children. Maybe it's a southern thing, but I know a lot (A LOT) of people who have used wooden spoons to discipline their children. Quick Poll: Do you know someone who has spanked their child with a wooden spoon? And if so, were you horrified by it?

-This weekend went by way too fast for my liking. It was hectic and busy and complicated. BUT. The Grease Festival was so much fun.