Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Marching Band...

The middle school band was the opening act for a recent marching band competition. I was there. Looking like the paparazzi of course. 

H-Dizzy did so well! She smiled and worked it! 

She's the one on the back row in the pic below. There was no easy way to get a good up close picture of her. Plus, I was literally melting. The weather was not as predicted. I was over clothed.     

They did a marvelous job. I was so proud of them. The whole band boogied at one point. I would post a picture of that, but I doubt Mr. Nix would appreciate the lovely shot I got of him shaking it. 

I honestly thought my days of sequins were over when I stopped twirling and judging competitions. No, my friends, I am still living with sequins, hairspray, red lipstick, tennis tape, jazz shoes, and rhinestones. It makes me want to sing a RuPaul song or something.