Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Most Cherished Friend...

Lovie. Teddy. Blankie. Baby. These are all things that children love. Ella's favorite thing in the whole world is her pillow. My grandmother gave it to her when she was little bitty. It originally had a silk pillowcase, but she didn't care anything about the case. She stripped him down to his blue and white ticking and named him Spiky. He's a boy. He's been with her almost as long as she has been alive, and she sleeps with him every night and drags him just about everywhere she goes.

Somewhere along the way, he had a face drawn on him. He doesn't look anything like he did years ago. The bright blue and white ticking has faded and thinned from loving and washing.

Ella squeezes and smells Spiky. His unique smell is part of his allure.

Spiky is loved and cherished.

The thought of Spiky coming apart is too much for Ella. I took her to the fabric store several years ago, and she picked out new "skin" for Spiky. She has refused to let him be redone though. I tried to make a new Spiky. I bought another travel pillow, ran over it with my car, bleached the snot out of it, worked hard at making it look worn. No dice. She loves the original Spiky. He's threadbare and pitiful, but I love him too. Anything that gives a child as much joy as Spiky has given Ella is worthy of love.
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