Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Random Thoughts and Observations...

-If you happen to see Layton, ask him about Michael Miller. That's Layton's version of Michael Myers.

-People, we need to talk. I am emphatically anti-pumpkin. Emphatically.

I do not like it in a pie. I will not eat it in the sky. I do not want a pumpkin drink. Pumpkin and I are not in sync. I do not like it here or there. I do not like it anywhere. I will not eat it in some bread. I promise you are not mislead. I will not eat it in a box. I will not eat it with a fox. Keep the pumpkins; I don't mind. We'll share something else another time.

Emphatically anti-pumpkin.

-I'm kind of glad that soccer is over for now. The littles didn't make the All Stars teams, so we are done. I might actually have time to finish some laundry in the evenings now. Don't tell the littles I said that. They want soccer to keep going year round.

-What the heck is up with this? I'm not sure that convicting scientists of manslaughter for failing to predict earthquakes is a good idea. Do you?

-I am beyond ready for November to get here. All of the political debate and hoopla has me stressed out. I wish we could all get along. Last night Hadley told me that she thought that, "If Mitt Romney and Barack Obama had a baby, he would be the perfect President." At this point Layton jumped in and said, "Silly, they're both men!" I suggested they could adopt. Hadley was not down with that because she said the baby needed DNA from both men to be a perfect blend of Republican and Democrat. She also might have suggested the name "Obamney."

-It's kind of sad to realize that my children are just as twisted as I am. Ha! J is going to have to pull out a big assist to make sure they don't continue down my twisted path.