Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Random Thoughts & Observations....

-Hadley got the new iphone. She said, "Thank you, Mommy." She hasn't spoken since because she looks like this...

...if I had bought her a waterproof case, she would probably shower with it too.

-I'm kind of obsessed with the show The New Normal. Ellen Barkin is positively a scream. I realize that the subject matter isn't for everyone, but seriously, it is so funny.

-OMG. Speaking of TV shows...I saw an ad for a new Kevin Bacon show coming out relatively soon called The Following. It has something to do with serial killers. It definitely looks like something I would watch. And...then stay up all night thinking irrational thoughts.

-Ella enjoys back talking, being sassy, mouthing, and doing things her way. This is not good...Especially when it is time to do homework...or clean her room...or listen to directions. Sometimes I want to put a piece of duct tape over her mouth just so I can get through telling her one thing without hearing the word "but" come out of her mouth 18 times. I have to remind her often that I am the grown up, and she is the child.

-Felix. He's planning to break the sound barrier. I cannot watch. Just thinking about it makes me very nervous. I'm guessing he did the math and knows that his body won't rip into pieces. Still though, isn't anyone else nervous about this? I heard earlier that the weather will prevent him from making the jump today. He's still planning to do it at some point though. One word. Valium.

-In classic A-Ro fashion, my car is nasty. In an even more classic A-Ro move, I am not going to bother cleaning the car out. It's just not that high on my list of priorities right now. Figuring out how to eat 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies without gaining weight is much higher on the list than cleaning my car.

-Keep up the good work, friends. Only a few more days until the weekend. Yes, I'm already counting down until the weekend. :)