Friday, October 05, 2012

Tasty...Winners...and Dub's...

At the Grease Festival we had a taste testing contest to see who had the best, greasy concoction around.  The three judges are no strangers to being in the spotlight. Doris (far left) and her husband (Buzz) own a local plumbing/electrical store here in downtown. It has been a part of our community for as long as I can remember (I think it's been here over 100 years), and everyone here knows Buzz and Doris. Carrie (white shirt) is a sweet friend of mine that I delegated the contest to; she did a great job! Jamie Cooper is a local TV personality who just had to film a little bit before he ate. Dan Williams (black shirt) is a member of the House of Representatives in Alabama and a native of Limestone County. These three were so adorable tasting and judging the food! Of course I had to go sample all the winning foods!

Jamie's wife Gloria always looks faboosh. I was pretty wilted by this point in time, and just look at her. Gloria - you must tell me your secret.

The thing that drew the biggest crown of onlookers would have to be the Dub's Burgers eating competition. Dub's is an institution here. They have the greasiest yet most delicious burgers you have ever tasted. As Shane Black said when he introduced the contest, it just wouldn't be a grease festival without Dub's. The kids had three burgers to polish off. The adults had eight. 

These boys did some serious work, but only one ate all three. 

The winner in the adult division put down six Dub's burgers. Six. People, I wouldn't be able to eat for days if I tried to pack down six of these burgers. 

This was a contest that simply must happen again. It was entertaining to say the least!