Saturday, October 13, 2012

Terrestrial? I Think Not...

Hadley's most recent art piece was for a charity auction. One of Ella's recent ventures was for a school project. They had to make something out of a light bulb. Ella painted hers green and turned it into an alien.

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She's been asking me if we can put the light bulb in a lamp to see if it shines green. I keep putting it off because I have no clue if it's safe to do so. I've read on the interwebs that certain paints are okay, but most cannot handle the temperature of staying lit for long. I cannot find the container this paint was in to save my soul, so I am worried that the ingredients will light up like an out of date Christmas tree.

Alien bulb is just hanging around for now. Maybe I'll decide what to do with him soon. Also, it's pure speculation that this bulb is a he. Spiky is a boy, so I have unilaterally decided that Ella will ascribe all objects  a grammatical gender of male. E.T. on that.

Have a wonderful day!