Friday, November 23, 2012

Oh, It's Rolling, Baby...

We recently ventured to an Alabama football game. There is no way to squeeze all the fun into one post, so I'm not going to try. 

Before the game, we went to the scholarship club to have brunch. The food was really good. 

Ella was sporting an Alabama hat. It turned out to be a good thing because the opposing team's color just happened to be purple...which was the color of her new sweater that she just had to wear. 

Layton was about as pumped up as it gets. Can you tell?

I enjoyed the ham and biscuits very much. There were several tables to visit, but I stuck to the first one.

Everything in and around the stadium reminds you where you if I had forgotten on a short escalator ride that I was in Crimson Territory...

During the game, we cheered and took pictures. Layton nearly exploded from all the fun. There are two things that I knew had to make the blog...

1. There's Saban...see him? If this is what he looks like when his team wins 49-0...well you get the point. There is no way I'd want to take a report card home to this man.

2. My friend Brandy does the choreography for the guard. She's got on sunglasses...and blond hair...and holding a backpack. See her?

After the band performed, Ella and I went to chat with her for a few minutes. It was really good to see her.

There are so many more pictures that I took. Post number two regarding our day of rolling with the tide will hit the blog another day. Roll Tide!