Thursday, November 01, 2012

So, Satan Runs into Batgirl and a Majorette...

A priest, a rabbi, and a lawyer walk into a bar...wait...that's not what my children were for Halloween. Hadley was a majorette. Ella was Batgirl. Layton was the Devil. He kept telling people that he was a good devil though. Ha!

I took them trick or treating around the square after school. They had a wonderful time and got lots of loot.


We even ran into Mayor Marks. Hola, Mayor! And thanks for the photo! I love the fact that my town is cozy enough that I can hug the mayor's neck and ask for a picture.

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After t-o-t-ing the square, we went home and had dinner. The littles, J, and I went around our neighborhood, and then we went to the historical district of town for a while. H-Dizzle-D-adley met up with some friends and tinkered about the hood like a grown woman. I saw pictures on the facebook later that night. I'm creepy and have friended a lot of her friends that have facebook pages. Hadley does not have one, but I still get to spy on her through her friends. HA!