Friday, November 02, 2012

What's That?...In Alabama?...

Here in the deep South, Democrats are scarce. This is an area rich in religion and conservative family values. (Please try not to laugh just yet.) Rumor has it that there used to be an openly liberal family somewhere here in town; they were tarred, feathered, and driven to the state line. You can laugh at that if you want because it's such a ridiculous lie, but it is entirely possible that some poor family was run out of town a few decades ago for some liberal action, like, I dunno, having an interracial relationship. Seriously, people, that's still a topic of gossip here in the A to the Labama. I think you're getting my point; being liberal ain't particularly popular 'round this neck of the woods.

These signs:

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:few and far between in my hometown. There are a cluster of people who live in the same neighborhood who all have O to the Bama signs. I was a total creeper and took a picture of one...mainly because I was surprised to finally see an O sign here. I'd been looking out for one for several days before I noticed the cluster.