Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A Decade of Debate...

Once upon a time there was a lovely couple who went out for breakfast while on vacation. They decided to try out a pancake place they had seen earlier in the week. The husband (who has bad ideas) ordered corn meal pancakes. The wife (who is a beautiful genius) opted for buttermilk pancakes. The hubs loved his pancakes so much that the missus had to have a bite. She declared that those corn meal pancakes tasted just like Jiffy mix dropped in a skillet. The hubs disagreed. And so they continued to disagree. For more than a decade.

A decade later the couple goes to the same restaurant for breakfast while on vacation. It was an attempt to end the debate. Were the corn meal pancakes jiffy mix or carefully crafted from scratch by pioneers as the hubs asserted?

The missus does not believe that a restaurant with laminated menus makes anything from scratch.


The hubs is convinced that some precious old soul is in the back with a mortar and pestle about to mash some meal for his special pioneer corn meal pancakes.

It only takes a matter of 20 minutes or so until fluffy pancakes appear on the table.

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After a decade of arguing about the pancakes, the hubs and missus finally agree. These pancakes must have been really good a decade ago, but now they just didn't seem worth a decade of debate.

I still say those sorry cakes are from a mix.