Monday, December 31, 2012


Do you watch David Letterman? I don't watch it regularly, but I have watched it enough to know that the Top 10 List is the reason to watch every night. In Letterman style I am going to close out 2012 with....

The Top Ten Reasons to Read the Enabler and Her Codependents in 2013

10. You never know when an innocent post about a drive home will turn into a blog about porn.

9. The Enabler is not afraid to look for needles in haystacks. Or payphones.

8. The Enabler loves to break grammar rules and then gripe about other people breaking rules too. Klass act.

7. When you least expect it, the Enabler will do a give away. Or threaten to put unsuspecting individuals' pictures on the InterWebs.

6. The Codependents are hilarious and adorable. The Enabler is not biased in any way. 

5. The Enabler lies in Top Ten lists; she is biased. BUT. Who else will lie to you like that? 

4. The Enabler will admit to having chicken in her hair. And catastrophic deodorant failure.

3. The Enabler may or may not be running an experiment entitled The Sexperiment. You'll have to read in 2013 to see what a bizarre-o idea it was. And why it took 11 weeks. 

2. Because 2013 will be even more humiliating for the Enabler than 2012. The boundaries continue to fade away. 

And the Number 1 Reason to read The Enabler and Her Codependents in 2013....

1. The Enabler stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night and will save the states from the Fiscal Cliff. Ok, that one is a lie. The Enabler figured out how to get Gilligan off the island. That was a lie too. The Enabler will have exclusive reports on Kim Kardashian's baby. Also a lie. Just keep reading in 2013...

Happy New Year!!!