Thursday, December 06, 2012

Fish and Kids...

The Aquarium. It's a fun place to visit. I am partial to the sharks. Scary beautiful creatures.

After visiting the aquarium in Gatlinburg, these two cuties had favorites of their own.

Hmmm. My child pretending the waterfall was going to get her? Nah, surely my children would never be so dramatic. In public.


I don't remember what these little wormy things were called, but they were kind of cute in a really gross "I hope that never ends up on my plate" kind of way.


The obligatory climb inside the tank picture. Come on. You know you've done it.


Check this out. Nephew Nathan is smiling at his parents. My child is....well...maybe my children would be this public. And you people wonder why I am so ragged all the time.


The codependents definitely enjoyed their visit to the aquarium.

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