Sunday, December 23, 2012

More Than Two Decades...

There are some things that I cannot even imagine not having. I'm sentimental like that. I have a large "memory box" that has all kinds of treasures trash inside. There is an envelope with J's name on it that contains a Mello Yello wrapper. Seriously. I pulled it off a 20 ounce Mello Yello that he was drinking in Trigonometry. In high school. Seriously, people, I'm a freak. There are other odds and ends too. Newspaper clippings. Notes. Programs from plays. Pictures. Whole nine yards of memorabilia.

Certain items of my apparel are also "memory box" material.

My most treasured pair of shoes....

These are Red Wing, steel toe work boots. I've have them for two decades. They are dirty and scuffed and have traces of concrete on the laces and in the creases. I still wear them from time to time. The last time I wore them I had J drive past a few of the Habitat for Humanity homes that I helped build. I told the codependents that I helped build those houses in these very boots.
I doubt that I will ever throw these shoes away or donate them to charity. When these boots become too ragged to wear, I will add them to the box. The things I have done while wearing these boots are a huge part of who I am...just like the Mello Yello wrapper from Trigonometry.
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