Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Party with Santa...

Goodness knows I love a good party. The company I work for has an annual Christmas party. The best part about it is that all our children are invited to attend. Why? There is a special guest every year who brings presents for the children.

SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in my best Will Ferrell voice)

Hadley wasn't too sure about the whole Santa thing. She told me she was NOT going to sit on his lap when he gave her a gift. She got an itunes gift card which was exactly what she wanted. She also got to give me a sideways smile when I begged for a picture.

Little Cherub Boy received a Captain America Lego set...also what he wanted.

Ella got a Lego Friends set. It was one of the top items on her list.
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Between us - the parents buy the gifts and our wonderful marketing gal, Kate, puts them in a bag for Santa to pass out. As far as the littles are concerned, Santa knows everything on their lists and brings a little taste of Christmas morning to the party.

A good time was had by all.