Thursday, January 03, 2013


As the new year begins, I am taking a closer look at the ole blog. What kind of content do I want to post? What pictures do I want to use? How often should I post? Etc.

Normally, I try to have a post scheduled for every day. Lots of these posts are free of humor and lack anecdotes. Should I keep doing them? Some posts are completely inappropriate and tacky (that's the word my mother would use). Should I continue to be an open book and fearlessly post about whatever crosses my mind?
I'm beginning to wonder if I would prefer to only post every few days and have longer posts that actually seem somewhat thought through.

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Or maybe I would prefer to keep giving you random pictures with posts of nothingness. Posts like that  (and this) fill the schedule, but there isn't necessarily any quality to the posts. Maybe quality is the wrong word. There isn't anything memorable about most of my posts. They are filler posts. Filler. Fluff. The Botox of blog posts.

I would really love your input. Email or comment to let me know what you would prefer. Also, let me know if there is one post from the past that you really enjoyed. Your favorite post...just a synopsis...I can find any post with relative ease.


In the meantime....I'm going to rest my brain as tax season begins. Instead of coming up with new posts every single day, I'm going to revisit some of the old ones. My favorite posts from my blog will be republished every few days. There will be new posts as well, but just not as many while I take time to figure out exactly what direction this blog should take.


I'm counting on you guys to help me figure out which direction to take the blog.


Keep on keeping on, friends!