Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Lied...

***Originally published last year...the answer post is next...I would have loved to have called these posts "The Best of the Enabler"....but seriously...if this is as good as the Enabler gets...HAHAHAHA!

Let's Play...And Tell a Lie...

Have you ever goofed around and played One Lie Two Truths? A few of the tweethearts and I used to play it on occasion via twitter. Today, I have decided to make a list...a list of truths and one lie. You get to guess which one is the lie.

-I love cream of wheat.

-I have eight piercings in my ears.

-I once asked Dave Chappelle for directions to a CVS.

-I can drive a manual transmission.

-My license was suspended due to an excessive number of speeding tickets.

-I have no sinus cavities anywhere other than two underdeveloped ones under my eyes.

-I broke a bone sleep walking.

-I regret having a wedding.

-I wash my hair at least twice a day.

-I have to self medicate before boarding an airplane.

-I have never been arrested.

-I do not have a key to my house.

-I was featured in a book in 1995.

-I can touch my nose with my tongue.

-I have moved a total of nine times.

-I have never lost a game of twister.

-I have been a bridesmaid twice.

-I make homemade crackers.

-I sleep in socks.

-I have been to Graceland three times.

-I have never played Monopoly.

-I love turnips.

Take a shot. Which one is the lie?