Monday, January 14, 2013


In the Blogger Biggest Loser Contest, I have made some progress. Not a lot. But some. I am down 3 pounds as of this morning. I am continuing to increase my vegetable intake and decrease my junk food intake. :) More salads. Less chips. 

This first week was a tough one. Layton has been sick with mono and the flu, so it was difficult to not binge on french fries with him. It was the only thing he wanted to eat, so I went by drive-ins and purchased salty, greasy, yumminess for him. I really wanted to dive in and eat fries with him, but I resisted. 

Hopefully, I will be down a few more pounds when I update next week. I'm working on some "before" pictures, but it's really HARD! I'm not photogenic at all and haven't had a picture that even remotely looked Internet worthy. I'll keep trying though. :)