Sunday, February 10, 2013

Branding?...Mine is Crazy...

Last week a few of my twitter friends had a conversation about branding. That's not something I think much about. I'm not creative or artsy, so I am lacking a brand. Do I even need a brand? Does this little ole blog need a branding campaign? Probably not. If I were to attempt a brand for my blog....

-Do you ever have one of those days when anyone who gets near you is in danger of being decapitated by your sarcasm? Yeah, I'm on the verge of committing a felony.

-How much is too much to write about another person? See, there is this one person that I have been dying to blog about for a long time. Like, years. I wouldn't use his name, but I would lay down the basic details of the story. Dude is the creepiest of the creeps. He seems very normal though. You would never guess that he is not right in the head. I didn't know it either...until the ill-fated day when he said the creepiest of creepy things to me, and I made the connection that dude might try to enjoy my liver with a nice chianti and some fava beans. So what I'm asking much is too much to say?

-I convinced Layton to get a hair cut. This is how he felt about it. I think he looks better now that the fro is sort of under control. We saw my friend John while we were at the salon. He was getting a haircut as well and had the pleasure of being seated across from Layton. John no longer wonders why I seem frazzled all the time. Just so you know...I pulled out my phone, pointed that sucker at Layton, and asked him to give me a "good smiley face." This. This is what I got instead.

-Hadley got highlights. I am going to try and get some decent pictures of how it turned out tomorrow. She looks fabulous!

-Earlier this week I had either a stomach virus or some seriously bad food. It was the most unpleasant Wednesday I have had in ages. No, it was awful. It was bad enough that I had to wake up J and ask him to take the kids to school. It was bad enough that I had to ask him to leave work early to pick the codependents up from school. Even when I had a kidney stone, I drove the kids to and from school, so it had to be awful if I asked J to take over for me. BUT.... My coworkers are not buying it; that is what happens when you joke about being a functional alcoholic. The people you work with start to believe that you actually drink as much as you joke about drinking. Then again, these people have met my children, so they probably assume that I have to drink just to make it through the day. See the picture above for further clarification.

...It's sort of obvious that my brand is Crazy. One of you should come up with a clever way to brand that for me.