Sunday, February 03, 2013

Here Kitty, Kitty...

The first grade recently presented a program. It was about Kitty Cat Capers. Our children's school doesn't really put on plays. The program is more like the whole grade standing on a stage and singing 5 or 6 songs.  For each song a small group of children will step forward and dance/jump around. Some of the children have a speaking line too. Layton had a speaking part in this particular production.

The time he spent speaking was my favorite part of the play...because little man didn't bother tilting the microphone down. He stood on his tip toes and stretched his neck just to be able to get his mouth close enough. It was hilarious.

As usual he spent the entire time acting out each song while he sang. Layton is never content to just stand still and sing. He loves to dance and wiggle.

He was an especially cute cat.

The whole thing was adorable. I still miss the days when the children actually put on a play. I always loved being a part of a play in elementary school. Even though I was never the star of any production, I still felt special and like a star in my own way at the end of each play. Memorizing a line or two and having a costume seriously made me feel like a little miniature Meryl Streep. I would love it if the school could go back to doing plays like that. There isn't enough time in the day though for the children to practice a real play and still keep up with the education initiatives that have to be met.

Layton is definitely a little performer. He loves to sing, dance, and have an audience. I have looked into a couple of theater type programs for children his age, but none are terribly convenient for us because each is at least a half hour drive one way. I do want to find a way for him to have an outlet for all his performances though. Does anyone have any suggestions?