Thursday, March 21, 2013


There are things you should probably know about me. Things like...

-Sometimes I send completely inappropriate emails without that being the intent. I'm not a good digital communicator. Ones and zeroes don't always convey the inflection and attitude with which I speak.

-I am okay with never being successful. I do not have any goals to succeed at anything. Blog, job, anything. I want to do a reasonably good job and then call it a day and go to bed. I'm taking mediocrity to a whole new level.

-There are no fewer than 28 posts sitting in the draft section of this blog. I'm going to flesh them out and publish them. I keep saying that, but this time I really mean it. I am tired of knowing those posts are floating in cyber space unfinished and feeling unloved. The other thing about these 28 posts is that I am beginning to realize these 28 are probably some of the last ones I will write. For a long time this blog has been my place to record my life and the lives of my children; however, my children are not little anymore. Their lives are beginning to take a more independent shape, and I have to respect and honor that fact.

Hadley tells me what can and cannot be blog fodder. She has her own story now; it's not mine to tell. It is wrong of me to put anything about her on the Internet without her permission.
Ella has begun to read here more often as well. She does not mind being a part of my blog, but it isn't okay for me to put her story on my blog and hope that she's okay with it if she happens to read the post later.
Layton. He only knows the blog exists. He doesn't know how to navigate to it, but he does ask for his picture to be on the Internet from time to time. He is my only little turnip whose life I am still free to use for entertainment on the ole blog. I really didn't mean that as tacky as it sounds, but certainly, you understand what I am saying.
Being a mom-blogger is a temporary gig in my opinion. Children grow up, and as they do, their stories are no longer the TM of The Enabler and Her Codependents. I have reached the point that continuing to blog about everything my children do is an infringement on their privacy and personal copyright on life. I suppose I could keep blogging about all of the thoughts in my own head, but why would anyone want to read the clearly broken thoughts that dance around North of my neck? Heck, I don't even want to admit to half the thoughts I have. So, the blog is going to start slowing down. Way down. And at some point (sooner than later), there will be no more.

-I have an unhealthy obsession with office supplies. I could smell Scotch tape and Post its all day long. Don't even try to tell me that you have never smelled a fresh roll of tape.

-Layton has needed new tennis shoes for quite some time. I haven't bought any. I keep forgetting. Whoopsie Daisy.