Thursday, March 07, 2013

Oink...Say What?...

Layton spent some time with a baby pig recently. I'm being serious. We went to the Storybook Ball. It's a fundraiser for our local library. I know that a lot of people think the library is obsolete. I definitely don't use the library as much as I did when I was younger, but my children are big fans of the public library. We go on a regular basis for books and videos.
At the Storybook Ball groups could purchase tables and decorate them with book themes. I didn't think about buying a table. Ella won two tickets at school, and I bought two more in order to take Hadley and Layton along for the evening. Big mistake, A-Ro, big mistake.

Well, this one group had decorated their tables like Charlotte's Web.

Complete with a Wilbur.

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When we got back to our open seating table, Layton asked, "Why do we have to sit at the ugly table?"

I should have brought a pig.