Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Zen & Tonic...

I am in need of some zen. As is common this time of year, there is more on my to be done list than is feasible.

--I have no fewer than 11 voice mails that I have yet to deal with or give the caller a reply. I will get around to it. Eventually. I'm running about a day and half behind these days. That's the way tax season sometimes gets. If you have left me a message, have no fear; I will call you back with 48 hours. :)

--I drove the truck to work one day. It was a rainy day. As in, downpour. Raining cats and dogs. Thundering. And as luck would have wasn't raining when I arrived a started a short time later...and when I got ready to go meet someone for lunch, I realized that the driver's side windshield wiper doesn't work. It moves. It just doesn't touch the windshield, so nothing ever gets wiped. I ever so elegantly leaned my upper body across the console to the passenger's side so as to see out. I guess it's a good thing that the truck is just our extra vehicle.

--Everyone in my office is sick or recovering from being sick. It isn't pretty. The second floor is a musical chorus of coughs, sneezes, and hoarse voices.

--I had a bad day last week. I had a rotten day. It was my own fault too. I allowed it to happen to me. After thinking it over and reflecting, I realized that all I had to do was say something marginally different, and I could have changed the trajectory of that whole day. Instead, I allowed one insignificant comment to wreck my day. I will tell myself to float on the water from now on. If you don't know the float on the water story, consider yourself lucky.

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--On the bright side, I am employed! YEA!! I am so grateful to have a job in these times of uncertainty.

--My little children are finally starting to get well. At last. The rounds of snot and pediatrician visits were getting old. I should not have admitted that. One will get strep throat immediately to spite my joy. :)

--I am looking forward to the weekend in a crazy way! It looks like we are going to have faboosh weather!!

--On the meal plan this week....Friday is listed as "Mommy's Choice." That means I get to decide what's for dinner, and my family has to deal with complaints allowed. Woohoo! Good weather and getting a meal that I choose without listening to littles complain...I am overly excited about this!!!