Thursday, April 11, 2013

Berry, Berry Good...

I am a purist when it comes to food. I don't want a lot of seasoning. If I cook green beans at home, I buy the fresh, whole beans and steam them. No fat or salt or pepper. Plain. Same with any other kind of bean. Well, I do add a few pieces of crumbled, cooked bacon to black eye peas, but I don't add the fat. If you want your food salty at my house, you will have to salt it after you make your plate. I don't add salt to anything I prepare. I, personally, do add salt to certain foods after I create my plate. Only certain foods though. I rarely add sugar to anything. We mostly drink unsweet tea (if I make tea), or I will add a small amount of raw sugar.

People, the above is not a health choice. I don't prepare bland food to try and be heart healthy. I prepare bland food because that's the way I like it. I want to taste the food, not a bunch of spices and sugars. Every now and then a good salty, greasy, spicy meal hits the spot, but for the most part, I eat everything plain. Seriously, don't tell me you are surprised that I am a total freak?

There is one food crime that ranks above all others for me. Putting sugar on fruit. I am adamantly opposed to sprinkling sugar on any and all fruit. Especially strawberries. Layton appears to be the same way. He will eat an entire plate of strawberries for a snack. He ate this entire plate for a snack one Sunday.

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One food crime that I am surprisingly okay with is salting watermelon. I don't always salt it, but when I do, I go all out. This particular food crime is one that has more to do with sentimental value. My grandfather grew watermelons in his garden every year. He would come to our house to visit and bring a melon to each of us. Dewey would throw the watermelons against a tree or on the ground to crack them open. Dew-Drop salted heavily. :) We would sit under the big tree in our backyard and eat salty watermelon and listen to Dewey recite Shakespeare. It wasn't really the Bard of Avon; he was just telling us dirty limericks that I would later recite in middle school under the impression that I actually knew one of Shakespeare's sonnets. Salty watermelon is a-okay in my book.

But sugaring your strawberries? That is assault on good food.