Monday, June 24, 2013

Another Day...Another Task...

Hola, friends! Another week full of activities and fun is upon us! My little crew is busy with work, pledging a sorority, and another Vacation Bible School. We're VBS junkies at the Enabling household; hey, it's free child care for half a day, and they learn about having a moral compass. Did I just confess to that? Why, yes, I did. Seriously, the Summer is such a long time to keep children entertained and engaged. I choose to enroll my children in as many VBSs, camps, lessons, programs, etc as possible. Ella Channing has been to a cupcake decorating class that caused us all to gain weight. Layton has been to soccer camps that caused me to buy $50 worth of Gatorade in one week. Summer is my least favorite season. I tend to function better when my family has a set schedule, and Summer obliterates any sense of organization I might have had in May. Hence...the camps and attendance at 13 VBSs each Summer.

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So, I smile. I figure if I fake like I've got this whole thing under control, my schedule will magically be under control. Fake it till you make it!