Saturday, June 29, 2013

Float On...

When you have younger siblings, sometimes you want to spend time away from them. I can remember being young and being so annoyed that my kid sister and her friends would try to hang out with me and my friends. Hello? We wanted to gossip and chill free from eavesdropping. That exact scenario is happening at my house more and more often. The age gap between Hadley and the littles is  pronounced right now. She is about to enter high school. Ella Channing is barely out of elementary school, and Layton is still my personal cuddle-y, cookie monster of little bitty boy. On one end of my codependent spectrum, cartoons and ice cream are all the rage, and on the other end of the spectrum, iphones, texting, blind dates, and being embarrassed by me are the hot topics.

Take one of our recent trips to the river for example. Hadley and Courtney wanted to float and sun by themselves. As you can see, the littles weren't about to let that happen. I had to remind them to swim away from the teenagers. I was trying to keep them all happy by letting them all swim but on different sides of the pier.

Eventually, the littles did find their own way to relax. Layton told me that he, "had it made." The rope was attached to the pier, so he wouldn't float too far away. Check out the double float situation he has going on. 

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Ella Channing relaxed more than Layton did. I was almost convinced that she was going to fall asleep right there on the Elk River.

And so, they all swam. The teens were annoyed with the littles at first. The littles floated away. Fun was had in the sun.