Monday, June 03, 2013

Not Enough Material...

I haven't posted much lately. J said that there "isn't enough material" after he saw Ella's swimsuit....the same could be said for my blog...not enough material. :)

In all honesty, I have taken a nice long break from blogging. I have only posted sporadically over the last few months. There are several reasons for the long hiatus.

1. I needed a break. I felt too much pressure to post every day. Darn you, Internet! Too much stress! From a hobby!
2. It occurred to me that my children might google me someday. What do I want to show up in the results section?
3. This blog has primarily been a "mommy-blog" from the start, and now that my children are getting older, it is unfair of me to share their lives without their permission.
4. I needed to figure out what direction this blog should take and if I even wanted to continue blogging.

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There will be some changes here and there, but I have decided to continue blogging...

Will I post everyday? Probably not.
Will I still post some stories, etc about the codependents? Yes, but with more scrutiny than before.
Will I continue to be completely inappropriate? Um, I know no other way to be, so the inappropriate-ness will continue.