Friday, July 19, 2013

Kiddies and Carnivals....

We went to the Kiddie Carnival twice last week/weekend. It is safe to safe to say that my children adored every single second of their time.

Layton was a grinning, giggling, soggy mess by the time we got home. He was soggy because...

Hadley and her friends were helping with the carnival and spraying the little ones with water guns. See Hadley down there in the orange shirt with the golden apron? 

Layton also had to do his usual thing and convince every child he rode a ride with to make some pose. What is up with that? I apologize to all of you parents out there...I have no idea why my chitlens are like this...

Ella couldn't leave without buying a t-shirt. :) She just had to have one to match her friend that she had been running around with all night. 

The second time we went was with my place of employment. Generously, the bosses agreed to an evening of fun at the carnival.

Layton was excited. Ella was excited. Hadley was on her phone. 

At least this one had fun. :)
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