Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Looking Back...

Here is a picture of 67% of my codependents looking sweet.

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Looking back on this moment, it is possible that I had plied them with food, beverage, and the promise of a new toy before asking to take their picture.

I had a meltdown at the DMV. It was an all around bad experience. Even though it was horrible and the attendant was less than polite, I really should not have called her "Satan's minion." Looking back on that moment, I probably seemed like a disgruntled taxpayer ready to hop across the desk and choke a...you get the point.

I should have eaten more than a tomato for dinner last night. Looking back, I realize that not eating enough probably contributed to the level of inebriation on the back porch last night. Additionally, if I had eaten better and not had that extra splash of bourbon, I might not have been slightly hungover and might not have also told "Satan's minion" to "go back whence you came."

Looking back. Sometimes you can learn valuable lessons from looking back. Sometimes, you just feel stupid.