Monday, August 05, 2013

Breaking My Back...

Not too long ago I dropped off all the children at their various events and began my drive to work. As I was going down the road, my car went...ding ding ding...I paid little attention and kept on going. A few minutes later...ding ding I looked at the display only to see that "Passenger 2 Not Buckled" in red dinging at me. Ding ding ding. I was moderately annoyed and thought that there must be a malfunctioning sensor in the car because I was the only passenger. Ding ding ding. And then it hit me. My purse was in the passenger seat...and apparently so heavy that my car believed a whole other person was cruising shotgun.

I'll be honest. I could probably survive on a deserted island for a while on the junk that is in the bottom of my bag. Ding ding ding - clean out your bag, Amanda!

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