Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Mustard Bagging It...

As is usually the case, my Kelly Moore Bag went on vacation with us. I have loved this bag since before I even bought it. I really, really wanted it for a while and finally decided to pony up the cash to get it after I had my camera for a few months. I was sort of shocked when I opened the box because the bag was bigger than I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong. All the space has come in handy since I have several lenses and accessories that I also keep in this bag.

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Here's the thing. I am considering making a change to my camera/lens/bag position. I am thinking about selling my camera and the majority of my lenses to use as payment toward a newer camera and one really, really good lens. I would also be able to use a much smaller camera bag.


My questions to all of you picture taking mommies are these.

What is your favorite camera bag that is NOT a black nylon thingy mabob? I like color and would not enjoy going back to this...

What is your favorite camera? I currently have a Canon 60D.

What is your favorite multi-purpose lens?