Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Possibly One of the Best...

Historically, the enabler and her codependents have not had the best luck on vacation. There was the time Ella fell in a toilet. The time Layton's ear drum ruptured. The time we had to police our brass and dispose of a rabid animal. Forgotten toothbrushes and underwear. Someone will come down with pink eye. We've eaten at restaurants only to spend the rest on the night stuck in the condo because we were all violently ill. We've stayed in hotels where the water was not potable. And showered on the front porch a time or two.
Yes, we are a family that does not shy away from adventure or medical emergencies. All of our vacations are good though. Even when there has been a medical situation or two, we still have fun and enjoy relaxing (as much as possible).

This most recent vacation might have been one of the best ones we have ever taken. It was an odd vacation because we went without Hadley. She was at band camp. No, I do not feel bad at all for leaving her behind. She has gotten to do some fantastic things this year (Hello? Hawaii? New York? Breckenridge?), and her Summer schedule just has not allowed for a family trip. This was one of the only weeks we had available to leave for more than 2 nights in a row, so we took it.
It was odd being there without her, but the two littles had so much fun. We didn't have any emergencies. No one forgot their toothbrush or underwear. I almost got some sun on my arms. We chartered a sailboat. J went deep sea fishing. We met up with friends for dinner one night.

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It was completely relaxing, and for the first time in a long time, I did not want to come home. I wanted to keep walking on the beach with these two.