Sunday, August 04, 2013

Sail Away with Me...

We have gone to the beach every Summer for quite some time. Years. Typically, the days consist of:

Wake up.
Go down to the beach and play until starvation makes us grumpy.
Go up to the condo and eat sandwiches.
Go back down to the beach and play until starvation makes us grumpy.
Go up to the condo and shower.
Go out to eat dinner.
Go back to the beach to walk on the sand and relax.
Watch TV.
Go to bed.
Lather, rinse, repeat for as many days as we are there.

This year though my bones were aching for something different. I think we were all hoping for something different and fun. Something outside our box.

The third day of our vacation we chartered a sailboat.

We had an excellent captain to keep things going in the right direction.

...even when Ella was behind the wheel...

...even when Layton was behind the wheel...

Sailing around the Gulf of Mexico was so relaxing and so much fun. We watched dolphins play and crossed paths with other boats such as this one. I have never wanted to walk the plank with 75 other people. I prefer to relax in private, so chartering a sailboat for just my family was a better fit than the pirate cruise offered. Ha.

We were able to move around the boat and put cushions where ever we wanted even if that meant dangling legs over the side of our vessel.

Ahhh, looking up at the yards and yards of impressive fabric and rigs was breathtaking. In fact it was so breathtaking that Layton had to ask Captain Ryan, "what inspires you?" Ryan was unbelievably kind and considerate and spent a few minutes telling Layton all about his love for the water and how that inspired his move from the corporate world into the sailboat world. Maybe he was just shell-shocked by my curly haired cherub asking about inspiration.

Watching sunset out on the salty water was far more beautiful than watching it from a crowded beach. At least, it was more beautiful for me. 

Ella just had to have her "Queen of the World" moment. It was precious beyond belief.

Chartering a sailboat is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Just ask Layton.
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