Friday, August 09, 2013

Yo Go, Boy...

It is time for the weekend! Woohoo! I am so ready for the weekend. This has been a trying week for me. :) It's been difficult to try and get back in the groove of work and home. I am just not ready for the upcoming months of chaos.

I am also about violate everything I believe about blogging. I try to not post pictures of other people without permission. I have been known to tell friends that pictures from dinner may appear on the blog. If anyone objects, I don't use it.
I also try really hard not to post pictures of strangers as well. I think that is rude. BUT. We saw a guy on vacation that might just be my beach soul mate. I am not in any way making fun of this man. I am not laughing at this man. I am impressed with his obvious dedication to being on vacation.

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He may be fully clothed and in a rascal, but by golly, he was going to get out on the sand. I think he and I were the only two people on the beach with pants on all week. :) I give this man two solid thumbs up for finding a way to make it happen umbrella and all.

Happy weekend, friends. Make it happen umbrella and all.