Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Day at Bryant-Denny...

Me - trying to smile and look 40 pounds lighter in a picture.
Ella - trying to hide her embarrassment.
Layton - Rocking out for no apparent reason.
Location - In front of Bryant-Denny Stadium. Woot woot!

We had a lovely day. We arrived early enough to get into the stadium without too much fuss or commotion. 

I just had to take a picture of Ella using her bloggie. She made videos and pictures through out the whole game. It was as if she had never been to a game before.

I was able to trick them into giving me a decent smile. Ella had a hat hair issue, and Layton has a loose tooth that is leaning over so far it looks like he's lost a tooth. Nonetheless, they smiled without crazy faces or hand gestures. 

That lasted about 2 seconds. 

Whoosh. I was almost over stimulated by the loud music and flashing lights, and then, that gosh darn Saban came out and pumped me up even more. 

Good ole Broadway Joe was there. Ella had my camera at the time, so I forced her to take a picture of him on the big screen. For an Alabama fan, this is like seeing the disciple John. Was that sacrilegious? 

We had an excellent day complete with pom poms on our heads. 
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No, this is not the end. I have at least one more post coming with more pictures of us behaving completely inappropriate in public.